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LRPD & Civil Service Commission: Absolutely Corrupt

Some people get it. The rest of you will after the fact, as usual. Wake-up sheeple.

Judge criticizes new LR police chief for comments on police review

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Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen attended a recent forum — "Know Your Rights: It Could Save Your Life" — about community interactions between black people and the police. By Griffen's account, new Police Chief Kenton Buckner made inaccurate and "offensive" remarks, including in response to a question about whether there should be an independent review panel for allegations of police misuse of force.

According to Griffen, Buckner said the Civil Service Commission serves the role of a review body. But it doesn't, as Griffen explains in an essay I've reprinted below. Griffen also faulted Buckner for criticizing people in Little Rock who'd been critical of the Ferguson, Mo., police handling of the shooting of Michael Brown.

Griffen is well-known for outspokenness. I'll add my boilerplate about the urge: He has an absolute 1st Amendment right of protection from government retaliation — including judicial discipline — for speaking his mind. Does that always mean it's sound judgment for him to speak so volubly given his position? No. He's not many weeks, for example, past presiding over a trial involving a Little Rock police shooting of a black youth. If history is a guide, the subject will arise again. 

But if leading voices in the black community can't push back against a black police chief in a city with police transgressions against black people a matter of multiple court actions, I don't know who can.

And speaking of race. Please read this powerful Washington Post piece by Lawrence Otis Graham,an upper class black person prompted to reflect on race on the occasion of his privileged, polite and properly raised child being called a "nigger." It's headlined: "I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong."

Race has been much on my mind this week on account of the continued polarization of voting — Tom Cotton, for example, was defeated 344-0 in College Station. That divide is a fact, whatever your favorite reason for its existence.  Tuesday's winners — who benefited from the polarization on the white side (they outnumber blacks in Arkansas about 7-1) — want to declare race a dead issue, judging by a lively discussion on our Facebook page. Wendell Griffen, Kenton Bucker and writers like Lawrence Graham are proof that it is far from a dead issue. I think we need to keep talking.

Following are Wendell Griffen's comments on Chief Buckner (in which he concludes the chief doesn't know the difference between being pompous and being trusted based on remarks about diversity training and other issues):

By Wendell Griffen

On Thursday evening, November 6, my wife and I attended a town hall meeting titled “Know Your Rights- Because It Could Save Your Life” at Allison Memorial Presbyterian Church in downtown Little Rock. The meeting was presented by the National Bar Association (the nation’s largest and oldest association of black lawyers, judges, legal educators, and law students), the W. Harold Flowers Law Society (the Arkansas affiliate of the NBA, and the Black Law Students Association of the UALR Bowen School of Law. The main feature of the town hall meeting involved presentations by National Bar Association President Pamela Meanes of St. Louis, Missouri, Chief Kenton Buckner of the Little Rock Police Department, and Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Monroe Isadore. 

Chief Buckner’s remarks were inaccurate and, in at least one respect, offensive. 

· During the question and answer period, I asked Chief Buckner: “Will you support independent review panels for all police shootings? If not, why?” Chief Buckner replied that Little Rock already has an independent review forum for police shootings and identified the Civil Service Commission as that entity. 

· During the question and answer period, Professor Adjoa Aiyetoro of the UALR Bowen Law School asked Chief Buckner whether Little Rock police officers undergo training in implicit bias. Chief Buckner replied that police officers receive “diversity training” and that some officers are defensive about it.

· Chief Buckner criticized Little Rock residents for supporting protest efforts in Ferguson, Missouri about the slaying of eighteen year-old (and unarmed) Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department. Chief Buckner questioned why Little Rock residents would be upset about the Michael Brown shooting when black residents are victims of homicide from persons who aren’t police officers in Little Rock.

The Little Rock Civil Service Commission reviews complaints and grievances involving Little Rock police officers (and personnel in the Fire Department) to decide whether to impose discipline different from any discipline imposed by the police (or fire) department. The Commission does not permit persons who complain about use of force by police officers to present evidence. A complainant may not call witnesses. The Civil Service Commission is, plainly, not an independent review forum. It is telling that Chief Buckner claims that it is. 

There is a fundamental and recognized difference between diversity training (what Chief Buckner also described as “sensitivity training”) and training on implicit bias. Decades of social science research shows that people unconsciously engage in biased thinking that affects their behavior. 

Of special importance for people in law enforcement in cross-cultural encounters is the research surrounding hostile attribution bias, meaning a tendency to attribute the ambiguous activity of others as hostile rather than harmless. A number of experiments have been conducted with both undergraduate volunteers and police officers playing a computer game. The volunteers must choose whether to shoot or not to shoot a target who may be white or black, on the basis of whether or not they are armed. Consistently, participants made slower and less accurate decisions on whether to shoot an unarmed black target than an unarmed white target. They were quicker and more likely to correctly decide to shoot an armed black target than an armed white target.

If Chief Buckner doesn’t know about implicit bias he could and should have said so. Instead, his remarks exposed a pompous ignorance. 

My wife and I know the parents of one of the homicide victims Chief Buckner named when he criticized local efforts to protest the killing of Michael Brown. We still grieve the murder of their only child. Chief Buckner had no right or reason to suggest that any person present Thursday night prevented Little Rock police from identifying and arresting anyone responsible for killing our friends’ son or any of the other homicide victims he named. 

Michael Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson, is a police officer. Wilson was concealed by the police for more than a week. The St. Louis County prosecutor refused to charge Wilson with committing homicide. Chief Buckner’s criticism about local support for protests about the killing of Michael Brown is outrageous because Little Rock police have also been criticized for killing people without just cause. 

The big difference between being pompous and being professional is the difference between holding a title and being trusted. Sadly, Chief Buckner doesn’t appear to understand that difference.    

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AUDIO: Nashville bigot lawyer Mark A. Kovach "serves" minorities?

Dirty bigot lawyer Mark A. Kovach burying another minority

This Racist Scum Bucket of Excrement was given all fair opportunity to "clarify" his position or lack of one. He instead responded with more racist excrement, so...there ya' go.

We have received over 20 audio's of disgusting
bigotry caught on audio, when we have completed our due
diligence, we shall be sure to post it.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"ADC Number: 128873
Name:Sheard , Jackson

Initial Receipt Date: 08/04/2009
Current Facility: East AR Region.Unit
PE / TE Date*: 10/18/2013
Total time*: 15 yrs.
* may be affected by other laws and regulations
Current Prison Sentence History

- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Commercial Burglary
- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Criminal Mischief-1st Deg
- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Theft Of Property
- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Prior Prison Sentence History

Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration since -

THEFT OF PROPERTY06/09/2003PHILLIPS2003-27 36 mo."


That's one hell of a criminal hungh? Yep, most drug addicts resort to crime, to get high.  So, why would the former  & disgraced Rivermarket manager, Shannon Light, REGULARLY and "innocently" leave large bundles of cash plainly lain upon her desk for the takin'? 

Especially when a "secured" safe was only STEPS away.  I mention "secured" because even the drug addict and former four-year Rivermarket employee, Jackson Sheard, knew where she kept the combination for the safe. *NOTE: it does you absolutely NO good, to change combinations for the "secured" safe, when you keep the combo in the same place within your desk for ten years.

More damning information & shocking facts are forthcoming regarding this most interesting of stories. 

Now that Jackson Sheard, a drug addicted criminal with no support system, has been Jim Crow warehoused with the rest of the unsupported Darkies, where are the lighter criminals at?  Oh, I guess being fired from their jobs is punishment enough? Maybe it is for Assistant City Managers that don't care to be questioned about his inept and suspicious supervision of this avoidable FUBAR of a situation.

My problem is, where the hell is the rest of the Little Rock Rivermarket criminals, you know thieves like the disgraced former Rivermarket employees Damon Hoffman & the misappropriating Shannon Light.

OH I get it, if you are supervised by an inept assistant City Manager, that let's you steal & missappropriate over $100,000 of the tax paying citizen's of Little Rock's money, you can get away with it! 

Remember, what good 'ol boy Little Rock Assistant City Manager, Bryan Day ridiculously said? The Rivermarket is a PARK!!  A PARK? What makes it a PARK Bryan Day? 

That fact that you and "others" decided to manage this ENTERTAINMENT/COMMERCE DISTRICT under the Parks & Recreation Division of Little Rock is the genius reason/excuse for your failures in leadership and your lack of imagination there Bryan, to call a BUSINESS district a PARK? It sadly reeks of a narrow-minded agenda.

Corruption and small-minded petty agendas fester throughout this city and totally pervade the Rivermarket district.  Corruption Sucks Blog fully intends to publically explore WHY so much tax payer money was misapropriated and covered-up by people like Assistant City Manager Bryan Day, charged with monitoring the criminals and held regular meetings as well as audits.  Get your FOIA hat's on Little Rock, 'cus it's goin' DOWN.

We shall be demanding that the Rivermarket Jailhouse Beating video be released featuring the dirty Rivermarket cop officer Shannon Dewayne Cox (Wayne Cox).  Officer Cox is seen simply standing by observing another fellow cop smash a suspect into a Pulaski County Jailhouse window with such force that it shattered the SECURITY window.  These two 4th ammendment bustin' dirty scumbags falsified their police report, because they figured, hey, no one is gonna' believe anything that black-ass bum has to say, so we don't have to admit to whoopin' his drunk ass!

Little did these two morons know, that when you smash a human being or anything else through a window, that window MUST be replaced.  A person at the Pulaski County Jail responsible for replacing the glass looked at the JAIL VIDEO(Duh, you were being recorded in jail dim-wits!) to see how it was broken.  Guess what they saw? Tweedle-Dee smashing a drunk's head into a jailhouse window, while Tweedle-Dum is standing next to him pickin' his butt with a big fat dirty cop smile on his face, while violating this human being's fourth ammendment rights.

Oh, we've just got started.  The American Creole Indian Nation is sick of this illegal Jim Crow Style corruption crap here in Little Rock.  We are commited, we will see this through. 

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Little Rock Police Officer Arrested On Duty

At about 3pm January 26, 2009, Officer Jamie Parker received the surprise of her life when she showed up for work that day. According to confidential sources, she was informed that she is wanted by the Cabot Police Department for Hot Checks(*contested) and driving with a suspended license. It was also indicated that Little Rock Police Department issued her an additional ticket for driving with a suspended license also, once being informed that they had a criminal officer driving a city cop car around town giving other people tickets. ACIC caught her LRPD DID NOT. In fact, she is a decorated officer on the force, there are records of awards she has received.

I attempted to acquire a comment on this issue as well as a few others that I fully intend to publish in an ongoing investigatory series called: DIRTY DEALINGS IN LITTLE ROCK, exposing corruption in local and state government. Needless to say, I was directed to Public Affairs to have a chat with them, "the matter is still under investigation".

Though this high ranking member of the LRPD Administration was rather mum on this particular issue, This individual did express some displeasure regarding the "leaking lips" within the department, prior to the matter being fully vetted. More to come on this particular story, moving on.

There are several reasons why I have chosen to publish this particular article at this particular time. One of which simply is, I am tired as hell of this blatant in-your-face Jim Crow style corruption crap and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Though that may seem reason enough, I'll give you a few more. If I don't expose this rampant practice of governmental corruption, practically no one will in this tight-knit corrupt city. The prior story of Officer Parks being arrested reporting in to work is a clear example.

I'm not the only reporter that has received tips on the Officer Parks affair, in fact, all local major news outlets have been made aware of the story at least since the 27th of January, yet who is doing all the tellin'? A world-wide syndicated Social Justice blogger.

Now, when I mention the word "corrupt", I'm not singling out Little Rock as being anymore corrupt that any other Jim Crow era southern city.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that Pulaski County Arkansas as a whole, has definitely earned the Jim Crow Corruption award in my qualified & documented opinion. This place is just as segregated as ever, OK, so-called Blacks, Whites & Hispanics do work alongside each other for a paycheck, but they are no more TRULY integrated than they were fifty years ago. Nor is there any genuine desire to do so among ANY of the so-called "racial" groups in general.

Since I'm the one that has mentioned "race", let me give you a quick window of some of my views of "racialism" as an American Creole Indian. We believe & know that "race" is a phoney notion of an invention designed by slave-holding Virginians growing tobacco in the 1600's. "Race" as we Americans know it, is a debunked concept, a notion, created to force a social caste system similar to India's upon the citizens of this Great Experiment called The United States of America:

Human to human total genetic variation is approximately 0.5%. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are single base-pair DNA differences accounting for 0.1% variation. Based only on this SNP variation of 0.1%, this implies that the genomes of any two random humans are expected to differ by about 3 million base pairs. Of this 0.1% difference, 85% is found within any given population, 7% is found between populations within a continent and only 8% is found on average between the various continental populations. Thus there is more genetic diversity within a continental population than between these populations. Based on this observation, Richard Lewontin has claimed that accurate classification of humans is therefore impossible and can have no taxonomic utility. However, this view has been rejected by A. W. F. Edwards in his paper entitled Human Genetic Diversity: Lewontin's Fallacy, Edwards shows that accurate classification of humans is possible because most of the data that distinguishes populations occurs in correlations between allele frequencies, although these classifications vary depending on a number of criteria, such as sampling strategy, type of locus, distribution of loci around the genome and number of loci. On the other hand Witherspoon et al. (2007) have shown that even when accurate classification of human populations is achieved, often individuals classified into different groups are more genetically similar to each other than to members of their own group. This seems to be due to the fact that multi-locus clustering does not take into account the genetic similarities between individuals, and only uses population level traits for comparison. Witherspoon et al. conclude that accurate classification of individuals drawn from a continuously varying human population may be impossible. Compared with other species the amount of genetic diversity among humans is relatively small. For example two random chimpanzee are expected to differ by about 1 in 500 DNA base pairs, equivalent to double the diversity amongst humans. This may indicate that chimpanzees have existed as a species much longer than humans.[3].

Back to the stories of corruption in government. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette came out with a story about an undercover narcotics cop. They basically gave the reader the impression that this cop was likely driving an undercover police vehicle while under the influence. They are waiting for the blood test to come back. well, apparently this cop rolled his vehicle on the 24000 block of Lawson Rd. where an off-duty first responder aided him and set the story in motion.

They failed to mention his name, but I have no problem doing so, just remember, Jason Knowles is considered innocent till proven guilty like the rest of us. Whatever the heck that is supposed to mean. It was also mentioned to me that Jason had a prior DWI arrest but was hired back on to the force anyway.

Speaking of being under the influence, what was the LRPD thinking when Officer/Patrolman Greg Smith failed a random test and blew a .04 Blood Alcohol level while still on duty? Fired right? NOPE, 30 day suspension & a desk job. To be quite honest, he had TWO separate heinous incidents, I think you got the point though.

That's RIGHT a FRIGGIN' DESK JOB. I asked my high ranking Administrator at the LRPD about this. Since it is a matter of public record I was able to get a comment this time. "LRPD Admin. can do one of three basic things when it comes to these matters. There is a process agreed upon with the Police Union. We can terminate the officer/patrolman for just cause. We may demote him or issue him under the heading of Suspensions a letter of reprimand up to no more than a 30 day suspension.". Since he is a patrolman there was no demotion option, firing an officer isn't always so easy with the union & 30 days is the most an officer is allowed on suspension. Interesting, I need a union like that, damn.

While I'm at it, I might as well mention something about TAKE HOME PATROL CARS. This has been a bone of contention on MANY fronts for MANY individuals within and out of the LRPD. I'm personally looking into take-home patrol vehicles because a particular dirty cop that has focused upon myself, Ean Bordeaux, is one of the guilty parties.

A mounted patrolman named Shannon Dewayne Cox of 5915 Buffalo River North Little Rock, was recently "dimed on" for taking his mounted patrol truck home to work with him. He used to live in Maumelle, where this unpermitted practice went undetected. He unwisely thought that he could continue this unpermitted practice in North Little Rock, where recently North Little Rock cops have come under fire for spending too much time on their cell phones and were ordered to ante up their personal phone records and cut duty phone time to no more than 15mins per shift.

Wrong move dirty cop, the LRPD Mounted Patrol Truck is SUPPOSED to stay with the HORSE not go home with the JACKASS!

More stories of government corruption to come in this investigatory series. The Mexican Consulate is working on reports that three Mexican murder/robbery victims might have had a living chance if a particular officer had not "sat" on a previous hit & run report involving one of the robber/murderers. This same officer is rumoured to be facing felony charges on another issue as well as failing to act properly and accordingly regarding a hit and run case this past New Years eve.

I'm going to mention this next "matter" without the name of the officer, not because I know the officer personally, but because there are children involved. It really sucks that certain officers can simply "forget themselves" assault a fellow officer and children and think that there should be no more serious consequences than what he has received. I admonish all those responsible for the safety of US to first look in the mirror EVERY single morning before you put on that badge & that gun to give me or anyone else a citation, intervene in domestic complaints & so forth, ask yourself:
We aren't just going to discuss corrupt cops, but it sure is a good starting point.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009




Jeffery, Shannon Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 11:48 AM
To: Ron Karimi
Cc: "Day, Bryan" , "Tolefree, Truman" ,, kitty lane

Mr. Boudreaux has a hot dog cart and has been setting up in the District in the evenings. Since he was on public property the police have issued him a citation and he has now contacted us to see about renting a space in the west pavilion (except for during special events) – What are the liabilities the city could face allowing this kind of activity? If more vendors would like to set up would each have to be approved by the Health Department prior to setting up? Would it be wise to have the vendor provide us a copy of their liability insurance? I’d like to know your thoughts so I can share them with the River Market Committee / City of Little Rock so they can advise me on how to proceed.



Commentary: "The Police", happens to be one dirty & harassing bigot cop named Officer Shannon Dewayne Cox, he is currently in a sexual relationship with Carla the mgr. of a cheesy piano bar located in the Rivermarket District, named Willy D's.

Last year a drunk chick partying hardy at Willy D's, plowed a full-sized work truck over my hotdog cart. They have been trying to cover it up ever since. The drunk was arrested for reckless & DWI 1, blew a .186 alcohol blood level . Served 7 days time served, rehab & 1350 fine. My cart was replaced by their insurance company. Willy D's is still afraid that I will sue the crap out of them because they have always been a bunch of jerks. Now it's come back on them- KARMA.

I spoke with asst. City mgr. Brian Day. He says that the cop was out-of-line.
Federal complaints will be filed for interfering/obstructing international and interstate commerce


I said:

Ean Bordeaux Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 12:03 PM
To: "Jeffery, Shannon"
Cc: "Tolefree, Truman" , "Day, Brian" , Arkansas Attorney General , Arkansas Governor , John Walker , Kymara Seals-Deputy Director- Senator Mark Pryor , Oliver Dillingham- Arkansas Dept of Ed

To whom it may concern,

Liability insurance? Amount, 1 mill, 2 mill? Insurance parameters? Any particular format for your proposal or just simply include your "items" of concern/interest in a concise format of choice? Anything else that I should gather from your general form/guidance letter, that may not be obvious that I should know?

Side note: Willy Dog USA has been operating in Central/North Arkansas & Little Rock with full business and health licenses in place for at least six years and in the Rivermarket for over three years now, with the blessings and positive long-term relations of many within city government as well as MANY fellow business people in the Rivermarket such as The Underground Pub, Ernie Biggs, Chris King of Sticky Fingerz, Rhumba's, Rev Room & Blake Rutherford- Movies In the Park as examples. Feel free to check references, btw.

I have requested that this city "update" their small town policies regarding hotdog carts specifically (as MOST progressive cities have already done) for well over two years now, repeatedly, to NO avail or official response.

So, to simply "state" that I just recently inquired about "setting-up" is far less than accurate. yet, I do applaud your effort at this juncture to address my concerns.

Ean Lee Bordeaux, Attorney-In-Fact
Willy Dog USA - An International Chain of Willy Dog Canada, LTD
Dir. of Marketing & Business Development

Managed on the Behalf and Benefit of the American Creole Indian Nation
A State Recognized - Federally Protected Indigenous Group

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 1:32 PM, Jeffery, Shannon wrote:

Mr. Boudreaux [Bordeaux]

Attached is the information you requested about putting in a proposal for a hotdog booth inside the Market Hall.

Shannon Jeffery Light

River Market Manager

Knowledge absent Wisdom is a stack of books on the back of an ass.
-Japanese Proverb